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Our tailored IP Box Regime service packages are designed to help startups, SMEs, and multinational corporations take advantage of discounted tax rates for maximum benefit, increasing savings, and boosting innovation.

Status Assessment

Evaluate the current status of your intellectual property assets in relation to the IP Box Regime
  • 2 hours of expert analysis and consultation
  • Detailed analysis for eligibility check
  • Identification of assets eligible for IP Box regime
  • Expert insights for informed decision-making
  • Tailored tax planning recommendations

Strategic Guidance

Receive expert guidance and strategic planning to optimise your tax strategy and maximise profit
  • 5 hours of assistance in the IP Box regime implementation
  • Expert assessment and detailed corporate analysis
  • Step-by-step instruction to simplify the processes
  • Tax calculations and financial forecasts
  • Customised guidance and recommendations
  • Maximised benefits with optimised tax planning

Tax Ruling

Secure official confirmation of your eligibility for Cyprus IP Box Regime through a formal tax ruling process
  • Official confirmation and certainty using formal ruling
  • Compliance assurance of tax regulation adherence
  • Risk mitigation of unexpected tax challenges
  • Strategic long term tax planning foundation
  • Expert representation with professional advocacy
  • Peace of mind confidently navigating complexities
  • Professional support, tailored guidance throughout

The pricing of the packages is specified as minimal (aka ‘from’) as it may vary depending on the complexity of the work. We will provide advance notification of any required adjustments.

Tax Ruling package does not include the government tax department fees, which are additional expenses associated with obtaining official confirmation of eligibility for the IP Box regime. A standard tax ruling costs €1,000, with a usual response time of 3-5 months. An expedited tax ruling, guaranteed response from the tax authorities within 21 business days, costs €2,000.

In addition to the IP Box regime services, we offer the full spectrum of services on demand, providing comprehensive support tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require assistance with corporate governance, fiduciary services, accounting, opening bank account, financial management, legal compliance, immigration services or any other aspect of your business operations, our experienced team is here to help you navigate challenges and achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.


The services are designed to be flexible and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. If you have any particular requirements or need more detailed information, please let us know by sending a request using the form below.